If You’re a Veteran Financial Advisor 
Tired Of Watching Qualified Prospects Walk Out Your Door, Announcing...
The Advanced Sales Training In A Box
"How To Authentically Sell More 
Qualified Prospects... Without Being 
Manipulative, Pushy or Hard Sell!"
  •  You Can Authentically Motivate Qualified Prospects to WANT to Work With You BEFORE They Even Meet You…
  •  You Can Discover The NEW (And Easy) Ways to               "Sell Without Selling"...
  •  You Can Present Your Products and Services In Such A Way That You Rise Above Competition Rather Than "Looking Like Every Other Advisor"… 

What You Are About To Learn
Could  Change YOUR Sales Results... And Income...  
Finally and Once and For All! 
I’m Going To Explain Exactly How 
You Can Get Your Hands on Rarely-Shared Ninja Sales Secrets
Breakthrough Case Study #1: Keith Thomson, CFP
“Working With Scott Keffer Has Directly 
Put $1.54 MILLION NET Into My Pocket.”
Scott Keffer knows the industry like the back of his hand. The amazing thing is, in more than 30 years in the business, I’ve never worked with someone like Scott, where I can literally quantify the value he consistently delivers, through dollars and cents
“For Every Dollar I’ve Invested In Scott’s Programs, 
I’ve Consistently Received $23 Back!”
But equally, if not more important, is the positive impact on my life, community, and the world directly attributable to working with Scott. So yes, I’m a fan of Scott's coaching and programs!
Keith Thomson, CFP, Toronto, Canada
“Scott's Marketing and Sales Insights 
Continue To Be Of Help To Me.”
“I have worked with Scott as a coach for a number of years now, I can tell you that Scott’s marketing, sales, business and people insights continue to be of help to meI highly recommend Scott without hesitation.”
Simon “Stuffy” Singer, CFP, Past President – FORUM 400
Dear Fellow Advisor,

Scott Keffer here. 

Selling prospects is hard... especially when you don't want to be perceived as a product-pushing sales person.

I didn't. You?

I wanted to motivate prospects and clients to make decisions that positively impacted their future... without being manipulative, pushy or hard sell.   

I followed all the traditional advisor sales training stuff and it made me look just like every other advisor

I began my career as a Financial Advisor more than 30-years ago and I struggled through the very same kinds of issues YOU may be facing. 

It was discouraging and frustrating. 

I tried everything the industry taught me, but I hated to sell.
The Sales Breakthrough Came When 
I Searched Outside The Financial Industry...
First, I researched to find the proven leaders in ethical persuasion, advertising and motivation. 

Some living... some had passed away. BUT none of them were in the financial industry. 

So, I bought their books.

I invested time and money by attending the training courses.

Finally, I hired high priced sales and marketing coaches.

Slowly, methodically, I began to see some recurring "ninja" 
principles and secrets

It surprised me, because nobody was really sharing
these principles and secrets, except the super high-priced

I discovered that success required both sales strategies and tactics. And the cool thing about the strategies and tactics?

They worked. No lie.
But It Still Wasn’t Enough…
I had to have predictable sales results. 

I had to have a repeatable and predictable sales system that worked consistently over and over again.

So I tested, tweaked, refined, honed, polished, redefined and tested some more. Strategies and tactics that didn’t work were eliminated. 

Strategies and tactics that produced results were refined for 
even greater results.

I ended up with an advanced selling process. At first I used this goldmine process to power up my business and sell more qualified clients. 

And it worked for me until...
I Began Sharing The Principles and Tactics
With My High Level Coaching Clients 
The cool thing was that they began selling bigger clients... and bigger cases. 

They are paying me $50,000 to $75,000 to coach them.
"Won't You Please Share Your Selling System?"
That was what one of my high level coaching clients asked. 

Will you share these principles and tactics with my team and other advisors?
Presto... It Helped Skyrocket Sales 
For Other Financial Advisors... 
It worked for advisors with 20, 30 and 40 years of experience.

Then it helped an advisor with 4 years of experience sell a $224,000 case... twice. 

Experience didn't matter.

That's when I knew. I knew I had to get this into the hands of good advisors, who are struggling like me.

It's never before been offered to advisors directly...
The Advanced Sales Training System In A Box:
Everything You Want To Sell Affluent Prospects
“Eight years ago, financial advisor Scott Keffer had no clients and no firm.
Just a crazy idea to start up a practice that catered only to millionaires.”
2003 Profiles in Success – Research Magazine
“Scott Keffer’s Double Your Affluent Clients program and live seminars are 
known to thousands of financial advisors….” Huffington Post

I’ve Shown Hundreds Of Advisors How To 
Sell More Qualified Clients... 
Without Being Manipulative, Pushy or Hard Sell!
Breakthrough Case Study #2: Barry Spencer
We Broke $1 Million Dollars In Revenue Last Year
Using Scott Keffer’s Coaching and Systems!
We’ve only been in the business for five years, and from a standing start at zero…we’re doing incredible! In fact, we are on track to double our business every 3 years. 

Without Scott Keffer’s innovative coaching, it would probably have taken us twice as long to achieve our first million dollars in revenue.
If You Want To Multiply Your Sales Results Fast, 
& Jumpstart To The Next Level, 
You Need To Go To The Advanced Sales Training!
Whether you want to go from zero to a $1 million like me, or $1 million to $2 million, or $2 million to $5 million, Scott can help you get there because he has already done it for me and many other advisors. 

He’s the real deal!”
Barry Spencer, Atlanta, Georgia
And while Keith and Barry’s success is certainly impressive, 
they're not the only ones experiencing breakthrough sales success…
"Scott Got Me A $1.5 Million Account 
and $3 Million To Come!"
“I followed Scott's script with a prospect and it worked. The prospects had $1.5 million to give me right away and another $3 million more to come.”
Mike Breedlove, Tyler, Texas
"Scott Showed Me What To Say 
To Get A $5.1 Million Account"
Scott showed me exactly what to say to obtain a $5.1 million account and charge the client more than they were paying." 
Murray Weaver, CFP, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

"The Best Sales Training Ever!"
“This is the best sales training I've ever been to.
Marilyn Suey, CFP, San Francisco, California
"Scott Is Excellent With The Affluent!"
“Words matter and Scott’s word usage and ‘phraseology’ is excellent in dealing with the affluent marketplace.
Douglas Hostetler, CLU, ChFC, CFP, Clarksville, Maryland
"Radical Impact On My Income!"
“We can take Scott’s processes and implement them immediately into our business. This will have a radical impact on my income.
Cliff Robello, CFP, Honolulu, Hawaii

Here’s How To Know If This Is For YOU…
  •  This is for YOU if you’re sick and tired of struggling to sell qualified prospects.
  •  This is for YOU if you want a reliable formula for consistently converting a high percentage of prospects into “right fit” affluent clients.
  •  This is for YOU if you’d love to discover proven strategies and tactics for selling that are shockingly effective and will put you miles ahead of your competition.
  •  This is for YOU if you’re ready to fire your non-ideal clients who suck the life out of your soul, deplete your energy, and don’t give you the respect you deserve.
  •  This is for YOU if you crave more time for your family, friends, and causes you care deeply about.
  •  This is for YOU if you want to multiply your income, spend more time outside the office, and rediscover the passion that brought you to this business in the first place.
  •  This is for YOU if you want to have FUN in your business!
If this resonates with you, 
be sure to read ALL of this letter, 
because this requires you to take IMMEDIATE action.
I Say This To YOU Because…
FIRST, after years of searching, learning, testing, and investing more than $312,000 of my own money in working with the best sales and marketing coaches, I shared it all in The Advanced Sales Training In A Box.

Not only have I been blessed with incredible success through the strategies I will teach you, as word spread, I’m routinely in demand as a speaker, and have written several books, including a #1 Amazon  Best Seller specifically for Financial Advisors. 

The value for you is real.
Your Sales (And Income) WILL Change Forever
  •  If you implement a fraction of what you are given, your income will go up. You'll find it so much easier and fulfilling to impact the lives of your prospects and clients in an entirely new way. 
  • You'll experience an ongoing level of transformation and breakthrough in your selling unlike anything you've achieved before.  
  •  You will fully realize that no matter how well you may or may not currently be doing, you have all the potential to continually increase your income at will, simply by implementing what I will teach you.
  •  Your stress and frustration about selling qualified prospects will disappear. You’ll be able to make MORE in LESS time. In fact, you will discover a personal freedom you may never have had before.
  •   This will be a MASSIVE upgrade in your status and lifestyle 
You will even find other advisors asking you how 
“As a seven figure producer, I thought I had a pretty good formula. In all his programs, Scott has the exact language and analogies that attract the right people to work with me. He has an amazing ability to know how to get people to respond. I humbly submit to Scott’s techniques as being far superior to my own.”
Joseph Sturniolo, CFP, Denver, Colorado
SECOND, as you can see by the testimonials and Case Studies on this pages, 
Financial Advisors who step up to the plate and work with me experience an array of incredible transformations in their business.

And good news travels fast! 

If you don’t reserve your space, you will be shut out. 

It’s as simple as that.

And THIRD, I always go the distance for you! 

I want to help you sell more qualified prospects.

Everything changes when you can sell at will!

I hope you can see that our systems work!

I hold nothing back

In fact, I feel it is my duty and obligation to share these transformational strategies with as many Financial Advisors as possible, so you no longer have to struggle like I used to.

The Advanced Sales Training In A Box:
Everything You Need 
To Sell Without Selling
Special Price: $10,000
BONUS: Tuition Voucher for 2-Day LIVE Training Event
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Unfair Competitive Advantage: 
A Proven Sales Training and System
…or Call (800) 281-1575
WARNING: This sales training system is super powerful 
and should not be shared.
Take A Look At What Other 
Experts Are Saying About The Value You’ll Receive…
“I interview many of the nation’s top entrepreneurs to figure out what it takes to be highly successful, and I learned that one key element is having a great coach. Scott Keffer delivers as a coach. His ability to see opportunities and design a fast and effective solution for results is one of his strengths. Scott has helped me get incredible and powerful results I would not have accomplished without his coaching. I recommend Scott and his coaching without reservation.” 
Robert Jordan, Inc 500 CEO, Author, How They Did It
“If you are looking for a coach, trainer or speaker, Scott Keffer is your man.” 

Kevin Harrington, Original Shark on ABC TV’s Shark Tank, Inventor of the Infomercial, and Pioneer of the “As Seen On TV” Industry, having launched over 500 products resulting in more than $5 Billion in sales.
“Scott’s Boot Camp is the very best place for financial professionals in the world today. Scott is one of the premier speakers and coaches in the financial industry.” 

Brian Tracy, Business Trainer and Best Selling Author (over 70 books), Including The Psychology of Selling
“Scott Keffer is a highly sought after and highly paid marketing master.” 

Leeza Gibbons, Emmy-Award Winning TV Host, Winner, Celebrity Apprentice, New York Times Best Selling Author
“I recommend Scott. He delivers great content that will help you in big ways to grow your business and attract bigger and better clients.” 

Darren Hardy, Publisher, Success Magazine and New York Times Best Selling Author of Compound Effect
“You should spend time with Scott. He will teach you the principles of greater success as a wealth manager, as well as greater success in life.”

Joe Theismann, Super Bowl Champion Quarterback and NFL Broadcaster 
Here’s What 
You’ll Get In Two Content Packed Training Days
Day One
“The Ninja Sales Strategies That Change The Sales Game For You”
The Bottom Line: When you have these sales strategies, 
you can quickly achieve Elite Advisor status. This means more money, more time, and more energy for YOU!
Most other advisors are at the mercy of New World Market riptide forces. But not you! Instead of doing what every other advisor training teaches, namely building your business around financial products, YOU will be smarter. By implementing powerful strategies to streamline and systematize your business, you’ll find you can generate more income when you’re OUT of the office then when you’re there!
You’ll discover:
  •  The 7X Advisor Model: Tap into the hidden “X” factors for creating massive results and the elite income you’ve always dreamed of.
  •  Affluent Advisor Mindset: It’s no secret that peak performers practice powerful ways of thinking to supercharge their success. Change your thinking and catapult your practice. I’ll show you how.
  •  5 Ironclad Requirements for Becoming an Affluent Advisor: Rise to the top when you combine all 5. Miss even one, and you won’t dominate your market. Multiply your results to the “Power of 5!"
  •  Overcoming the 7 Greatest Advisor Fears: Use an arsenal of techniques that will finally vaporize the secret fears that are holding you back. This is powerful!
  •  13 Success Levers: Leverage the “lucky 13” to achieve all of your goals, no matter how big they may be!
  •  The Dynamite Dozen: Stay in alignment with your core values through these bedrock principles for building a “true to you” successful business.
And that's just the beginning!
Day Two
“The Ninja Sales Tactics That Move Prospects To Action!”
The Bottom Line: In this extremely popular session you’ll learn the Million Dollar Practice Secrets that will forever change how you Position, Brand, & Package your services.
If you’re sick and tired of beating the bushes for clients, you simply can’t afford to miss this session. Want a consistently steady flow of pre-qualified, ideal prospects? You’ll leave with not one, but a DOZEN proven methods to attract them. There’s a very good reason this is consistently one of the highest rated Sessions at Boot Camp!
  •  How to Create an Arc of Distinction®: This immediately launches you miles ahead of your competitors. They won’t have a clue how you did it!
  •  Speaking Affluence: You’ll close more clients when you jump right into your affluent prospect’s head by speaking their language and giving them what they REALLY want.
  •  Magnetic Client Attraction: How to systematically attract your ideal affluent prospect and stay aligned with the successful business you deserve. No more blood sucking vampire clients!
  •  Scientific Secrets of the Affluent: Dig deep into the latest research on the affluent population and leverage it to find, attract, and close more right-fit clients.
Breakthrough Case Study #4: Richard Coe, CFP
“My First Year Working With Scott Was
My Highest Revenue Year Ever!”
I’ve been a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional since 1983. I’ve always enjoyed my work, but once I discovered Scott Keffer’s programs in 2015, there was potential for a breakthrough.

In the Fall of 2015 I received a flyer for Scott’s Boot Camp. The testimonials were so impressive, I thought “Wow. If he is even half or a third as good as these people say, it’s probably worth checking out.”
So, I invested in myself and went. And I’m SO glad I did! What a huge, beneficial and impactful decision that was. It definitely set the stage for a lot of good things.

In 2016, my first year working with Scott, my revenue was the highest of my entire career! It was my best business year ever, on multiple fronts.

While the first year felt foundational, like a launching pad, now in my second-year coaching with Scott, it feels like we are taking off.

There are so many reasons why this is happening. For one thing, Scott has helped me to understand at an even deeper level just how much our clients need someone like me. That makes all the difference. I have a higher level of confidence, and even more conviction of the value we provide.

If I had to zero in on the single biggest change in my business, it would be the ease with which I am consistently getting in front of more qualified prospects than ever before. I’m marketing much more effectively in an entirely new way. As a result, we’re able to help more people and grow the business with “right fit” clients.

I’m also able to work just four days a week, even though the business runs smoothly and effectively five days a week. And I have to say, I enjoyed my work even more than ever before in 2016 as I implemented Scott’s recommended marketing strategies. Our team is functioning better than ever.

For example, implementing ONE of Scott’s recommended strategies resulted in 43 scheduled appointments with potential clients.
I’ve Worked With Different Coaches Over The Years,
And Scott Keffer Is By Far, The Best I’ve Ever Worked With.
Scott is warm and authentic. His coaching style is deeply personal, and tailor made to the needs and style of each individual he works with. 

His priority is to understand YOU, and you will immediately feel that when you work with him. He has a talent for assimilating knowledge, listening intently, and then creating reliable processes for marketing your business that work consistently.

But more than that, Scott has walked the walk. 

He has successfully built multi-million dollar businesses with the exact same principles and strategies he teaches. He’s not just “book smart”—he literally practices what he preaches.
Richard Coe, CFP, Wichita, Kansas
The Advanced Sales Training In A Box:
You Will Be A Ninja Master!
Special Price: $10,000
BONUS: Tuition Voucher for 2-Day LIVE Training Event 
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The Ninja Selling Strategies and Tactics!
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You will be hard pressed to find 
ANY sales training this 
comprehensive, complete, and ready-to-implement 
the day you open 
The Advanced Sales Training box. 

It's filled with EVERYTHING YOU NEED 

And just to make your decision even easier, 
I’ll guarantee this is…
A RISK FREE Decision 
You Can Make With Peace Of Mind!
I’m confident you will see the value of 
The Advanced Sales Training as 
you see qualified prospects and clients saying "YES" to your presentations.. 

But I understand if you still hear the whispers of skepticism in your head. 

Will this training REALLY be all that is promised?

YES! But I want you to be completely comfortable. 

So you can make your decision right now with complete peace of mind with…

Scott's 100% Triple Guarantee
So you see, you can confidently make your decision to invest in The Advanced Sales Training right now! 

Remember, the sooner you get the system the sooner you can sell more qualified prospects and clients.

If you leave this page now and wait too long to return, you could very well see we are already closed and you’ve missed out. 

In addition, the very best price is the one you see here TODAY.

Reserve your seat now, before it’s too late!

Scott Keffer
Founder and CEO
Scott Keffer International
Creator, The Advanced Sales System
P.S. Today is the day you decide. You CHOOSE whether you want to keep on settling for “ordinary” (with the same ordinary results!)
Or whether you are ready to step up into your full potential as a Financial Advisor. 

Tap into the power of the DOUBLE Your Affluent Clients Boot Camp, and experience the power of an authentic transformation for both you and your “right-fit” clients.

P.P.S: Just in case for some reason you still need MORE confirmation and proof this is worth your time, please watch this very short video featuring several of your fellow financial advisors.
Make A Smart Decision NOW And Join Us! 
The Advanced Sales Training System
Special Price: $10,000
BONUS: Tuition Voucher for 2-Day LIVE Training Event 
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WARNING: This system and training will effect your income!
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